Pratt Place Inn & Barn to Close for Expansion

Good things are ahead! But first, we’re taking a break.

On January 1, 2021, Pratt Place Inn and Barn will close for renovation and expansion. The newly expanded inn and renovated barn will be open for lodging and events by April 2023. 

The inn and barn will reopen with around 70 additional guestrooms, additional outdoor venues, and a full-service restaurant. The existing seven-room Pratt Place Inn and Pratt Place Barn will be renovated. Additional guestrooms will be contained in new hotel buildings adjacent to the inn and cabins nestled in the trees nearby. A full-service restaurant in the Pratt Place Inn will be open to the public, offering indoor and outdoor dining and a new spa and pool will offer wellness services. 

“Pratt Place has been a popular destination for weddings and events for over a decade,” said Jeremy Hudson, Specialized Real Estate Group CEO. “The expansion of hospitality facilities on Markham Hill will create a destination for travelers and the community with dining, meeting rooms, and a spa on site.”

The expanded hospitality and event spaces will complement new housing development on Markham Hill, including a large nature preserve, a network of trails connected to the Fayetteville trail system, and agricultural amenities including small-scale farming and beekeeping. Housing will be built in phases over the next decade.

New venues, rooms, restaurant and spa in 2023
Nature trails remain open during expansion
Two hikers stand above moss-covered rock shelves in a forest
Construction begins on new homes this winter

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