Hand lettering spells Markham Hill Nature Trails and a hand-drawn terrapin in profile

Markham Hill Nature Trails are owned and maintained by Specialized Real Estate Group and open to registered users at no charge.
Our vision is a healthy and diverse neighborhood for neighbors and nature.


Registered Trail Users

Explore three interconnected loops

Escape into nature in the center of town
A three-toed box turtle on a trail

Markham Hill Loop (Closed through 2024) is a 1.6 mile new soft surface trail that passes through nature preserve including oak, hickory, and maple trees, natural springs, and large mossy boulders and bluffs. The Markham Hill Loop was opened in October 2020.  It was designed and built by Rogue Trails with the advice of an ecologist. Read more

Pine Loop and Oak Loop are wide, flat trails built as riding trails for the Hilltop summer camp which operated on Markham Hill from 1920s-40s. Pine Loop is just under half a mile long, including a tall grove of pine trees. Oak Loop is just under one mile long. These trails are often used by University of Arkansas champion cross country teams and are reserved for FOOT TRAFFIC ONLY.

Getting there

To find the Markham Hill Nature Trails, navigate to the gravel lot on Halsell. See map below!



As a trail user, you acknowledge that you are using the trail at your own risk.
1.     STAY ON THE TRAIL  Please stay on the trail at all times and do not hike/bike/run/trespass on any land adjacent to the trails.
2.     LEAVE NO TRACE  Please respect the trails and the environment by not leaving any trash, defacing any tree, rock, sign or any other feature.
3.      NO BOOZE, NO DRUGS, NO SMOKING Refrain from using any alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal substance while on the Markham Hill Trails.
4.     TRAIL CLOSED WHEN WET  I agree that use of the trails may be suspended at any time by the property owners.
5.    LEASH DOGS I agree to keep my dog on a leash and to pick up my dog’s waste and remove it from the property.
6.    DAY USE ONLY The trail is open from sunrise to sunset.

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