Pratt Place Barn

Stonebreaker Hotel Comes to Markham Hill

We are thrilled to unveil Stonebreaker on Fayetteville’s Markham Hill, a multifaceted project that promises to be an urban retreat designed to celebrate the rich history of the landmark.

For generations, Markham Hill has served as a gathering place for the Fayetteville community. We envision a space that feels both simple and sophisticated, seamlessly integrating with the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Stonebreaker will feature a thoughtfully designed 78-room hotel, offering a gathering space for both locals and visitors seeking a unique Fayetteville experience. Our partners, FODA, known for their award-winning designs, have brought their signature touch to create a space that feels timeless yet contemporary.

The historic Pratt Place Barn will be restored into an event venue and restaurant, surrounded by a network of nature trails that allows guests to explore the property.

At Specialized Real Estate Group, we believe in creating communities that promote connection between residents and nature. Stonebreaker embodies this philosophy by offering a welcoming space for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re enjoying a delicious meal at the restaurant, attending an event in the barn, or simply strolling along the trails, Stonebreaker aims to be a place where memories are made and connections are formed.

Stonebreaker is slated to open in phases throughout 2024. The barn will open this August, followed by the hotel opening in December.

Pratt Place Barn

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