Introducing Our Official Pie

Serviceberry Pie: The Official Pie of Specialized Real Estate Group

We’ve had a lot of things to celebrate lately — national and international honors, a new office and construction beginning on a new project — but we have to take a minute to tell you that SREG has reached an important milestone: the declaration of our company’s Official Pie.

Serviceberry (Amelanchier canadensis,) also known as Juneberry, is a small tree native to the Ozarks. It is one of the first trees to bloom in the spring, with white puffs of flowers floating at wood’s edge long before the rest of the forest wakes from winter.

Our serviceberry grove at ECO is composed of “Autumn Brilliance” serviceberries from White River Nursery. The harvest has been abundant. The trees are visited by happy finches, and human visitors are eating them up by the handful.

ECO’s industrious property manager, Kimberly, harvested a bounty of the berries and baked them in a pie, to the delight of our whole team. Serviceberry pie resembles a blueberry pie, but is more similar to a cherry in taste. A locally grown, native berry pie prepared in a LEED-Platinum kitchen? That makes serviceberry pie the perfect Official Pie of Specialized Real Estate Group!

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