Meredith Hendricks on job site

Living up to LEED

Occupants of Green Buildings Can Maximize Environmental Benefits

Green and health-oriented building practices are only the first step — it’s up to building occupants to choose the most sustainable practices each day. We asked Meredith Hendricks, our sustainability consultant for Brick Avenue Lofts, what each of us can do to maximize the environmental benefits of LEED Certified buildings and to lighten our individual footprint.

Nest digital thermostat

Take a look at your carbon footprint. You can toggle between different strategies like driving less or changing your thermostat setting to see how your lifestyle changes affect your carbon footprint.

Hand washing in the kitchen sink

Check out some alternatives to typical cleaning products. You can make cleaning products with everyday household items. Save money and keep toxic chemicals out of your home.

Plastic bottles

Take a deep dive into the zero waste movement and find ways to reduce your waste footprint with everyday choices.

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