Kaitlyn Fondano : 40 Under 40

Kaitlyn Fondano, recently earning the title Director of Development for Specialized Real Estate Group, landed a well-deserved spot in the August 2022 Talk Business & Politics “40 Under 40” publication.

An Arizona native who enjoyed summer trips to see her grandparents near Beaver Lake growing up, led Kaitlyn and her husband to make the move to Northwest Arkansas in 2019.

With an impressive tool kit of a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and a Master’s degree in Real Estate Management from Arizona State, she focuses on helping to drive the push for healthy homes including homes that are contaminant free, have high-quality indoor air and other “clean” amenities.

“Our intent is to be specialized, and Specialized has room for growth that I can be a part of and drive our initiative of healthy homes that we can be very proud of.” -Kaitlyn Fondano

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