Indoor Air Quality Pledge

In our effort to build healthy communities, we strive to support the health of our team and the people who live in our communities by doing our part to protect indoor air quality. By choosing milder products and practices, we all breathe a little easier. We have adopted the following standards for all properties under our development or management.

Non-Toxic Interior Paint

The walls make up the largest surface area in our homes, so we use only paints containing no VOCs— volatile organic compounds that make up that “new paint” smell. VOCs pose health risks for people and pets, so we choose VOC-free alternatives.

Non-Toxic Building Materials

In new construction, we choose products that minimize VOCs, and our maintenance team uses only low-VOC and no-VOC adhesives and caulk for repairs.

Full-Service Air Filter Replacement

Air filters in your heating and air conditioning system can catch airborne particles that can contribute to asthma and allergies. To keep your system working its best, our maintenance team will change your air filter quarterly.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions

Our maintenance team uses the gentlest cleaning solutions possible to get the job done. When strong chemicals are occasionally required, we take the highest precautions to ensure that we protect our team and your indoor air quality.

Non-Smoking Communities

Smoking is not permitted indoors in any of our communities. Eco Modern Flats, Wilson Park Apartments, Uptown Shops, and Brick Avenue Lofts are smoke-free, indoors and out.

Gentle Pest Management

When pest control is required, we choose the least toxic, mildest approach possible.

Hard Surface Floors

To minimize accumulation of moisture and allergens, we choose hard surface floors for living areas in new construction, and when flooring in existing properties must be replaced, we replace it with hard surface flooring.

Fresh Air Ventilation

In new construction, we prioritize fresh-air ventilation including operable windows, sensor-controlled bathroom exhaust fans, and ducted kitchen exhaust to dissipate indoor air pollutants.

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