There are some books that change the way you look at the world. These books have shaped the way we approach our work. We recommend these books to folks who would like to join our team, partner with us on projects, or just understand our worldview a little better. We’ll be adding to these recommendations over time.  Don’t miss our updates – join our mailing list!

Happy City
by Charles Montgomery

“I love this book because the author wasn’t involved in real estate or design – he is a journalist who wanted to know what specific elements of the built environment made people happy. His discoveries are fascinating, and I find myself thinking back to them every day.”

Jeremy Hudson

recommended by Jeremy Hudson

Tried & True
Missouri Native Plants
for Your Yard
by Missouri Department
of Conservation

“This guide is a quick resource for landscape architects who want to incorporate more Ozark native plants – very accessible for home gardeners, too.”

Sarah King

recommended by Sarah King

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