Amaryllis Care Instructions

Merry Christmas & a Healthy New Year from Specialized Real Estate Group!

We love working with you to cultivate spaces that inspire people to connect with neighbors and nature. Our office has enjoyed the fun of growing these flowers in the winter, and we hope you enjoy it, too!

The SREG amaryllis-growing contest of 2015. Oliver in Accounting won.

Care Instructions:

1. Give it a home!

Place in a warm and bright indoor location. The bulb has everything it needs to produce blooms. It does need water, but only enough water to barely touch the bottom of the bulb – ideally, keep the roots in water but the bulb dry.

2. Enjoy it!

As it grows, turn the vase every few days so that the flower stalk doesn’t lean toward the light. As the flower buds emerge, you can move the vase to a darker, cooler area and it may extend the bloom time. It’s totally OK to leave it in the same spot – don’t stress about it.

3. Share it!

We’d love to see your beautiful blooms! Tag us in your flower photos and use the hashtag #amaryllis2019

4. Compost it!

After the flower blooms, toss the bulb in the compost – it is not likely to bloom again.

Still have questions?

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