Beechwood Village looking into Central Park at Sunset


ECO Modern Flats Entertainment Area Specialized Real Estate Group focuses on opportunities for infill development. Infill projects strengthen the fabric of our community by replacing dilapidated properties with high-quality higher density development.More and more cities are calling for infill development, but it presents challenges to developers. It is much simpler to build a sprawling multifamily complex on previously undeveloped land at the outskirts of a city, but the long-term value of infill development outweighs short-term convenience. Infill works against urban sprawl and the traffic headaches that come along with it. By locating within developed neighborhoods near a city’s core, infill developments are intrinsically more walkable. Adding residents to downtown areas supports existing businesses and encourages small business development. Infill particularly makes sense in light of expanding enrollment numbers at the University of Arkansas. The University has grown by ten thousand students in the past ten years. This growth has had an impact on our community, as more students have sought housing further and further from campus. Neighborhoods which were once homes to families have become seas of student rentals. The competitive rental market in Fayetteville has pushed students to look to surrounding communities for places to live, increasing the number of cars on the road. Purpose built student housing in infill locations puts students in walking distance of classes and services and pulls them out of single-family neighborhoods and the fringes of town. By partnering with local architects, our projects are distinctive, artfully designed, and built to stand the test of time.
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