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Building Healthy Places with Connectedness


It turns out that getting together isn’t just fun – it has positive implications for wellness, too. Continuing our series on the Urban Land Institute’s Building Healthy Places initiative, we highlight the ways that design and programming can give neighbors opportunities to interact. The renovation of Eco Modern Flats carved gathering spaces from previously gloomy slopes and created…

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Blazing the Trail with Multifamily Recycling

Recycling station

Our city has set an ambitious goal of diverting 80% of garbage from landfills, and recycling at apartments is a big piece of the pie. This week, we met with city officials and the consultants hired to help draft a roadmap to 80%. The multifamily setting poses a number of challenges to recycling collection. Ultimately, recycling programs…

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Indoor Air Quality Pledge

Living and kitchen

In our effort to build healthy communities, we strive to support the health of our team and the people who live in our communities by doing our part to protect indoor air quality. By choosing milder products and practices, we all breathe a little easier. We have adopted the following standards for all properties under our…

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Our Generation’s Golf Course


“Community is this generation’s golf course—of that I’m sure,” Michael Watkins, Gaithersburg, Maryland As more people seek to connect with community, spaces like community farms are replacing golf courses as in-demand amenities. A recent article in Urban Land Magazine features eight developments across the country–including our ECO Modern Flats–that focus on wellness and community connections.